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What is Megatrend?
It refers to the huge trend of the times in modern society, which is an innovative growth engine that can set investment directions and create long-term profits.
What is ESG?
It refers to the non-financial elements of a company, such as environment, social, and governance, which can be considered along with the financial factors of a company from the perspective of socially responsible investment or sustainable investment when making investment decisions.


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  • Please be sure to read the (simplified) investment prospectus on the investable target, fees, redemption method, etc. prior to acquiring the collective investment security.
  • A loss of principal may occur depending on the investment performance of collective investment security, and the investor bears the loss.
  • Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation does not protect the collective investment security in accordance with the Depositor Protection Act.
  • Other costs such as security transaction cost can occur.
  • Past investment performance is no guarantee of future results.
  • The data of indices, returns, etc. on the website are provided for reference, and there may be an error or delay. In addition, there is no legal liability borne for the investment results delivered from the provided information (source of data: Koscom and Korea Securities Depository).
  • No. 21-2452 evaluated by Shinhan Asset Management s Compliance Officer (August 31, 2021)